I haven't been online as much as I would have liked, partially to care for my new family and also because my grandpa's condition is getting worse. The tumors are now advanced stage four and the doctors think that continuing treatment will just prolong the pain. He is no longer going through chemotherapy, and is staying at the house with nurses coming to visit. The biggest scare was yesterday, when my wife and I were asleep my grandma came to the door telling us an ambulance was coming for grandpa. Turns out he had a big blood clot in his leg and they're attempting to treat it now. in about half an hour we'll now if he's ok to come home or not. Best case scenario the blood thinners break down the blood clot, it goes away and he's as good as he can be, all things considered. Worst case scenario, the blood clot breaks away and gets lodged in his lungs, preventing him from getting oxygen to his body and killing him. I don't know what the future will bring, so I'm doing my best to make every moment I still have with him the best that I can.